Bhanu Kushwah

Designer + Developer, Prototyper, Animator, Illustrator, and Modder

Developing for the better Web

I develop responsive websites with modern web technologies.

Smart Sparrow lesson builder

App Design Challenge

Design UI for Video game progress tracking app.

App login screen
List of games being tracked

Designing for the better Web

I’ve been designing for over 3 years and I’ve gained experience working alongside visionary startups.

Annotating a biomedical image in the Slice app

Hello, world!

I’m Bhanu Kushwah, a Designer, Developer & Soon to be an Engineer. My projects include UI and UX design, UI animations, and illustration. Being comfortable with code allows me to rapidly prototype and validate experiences.

In my spare time I like to design cool stuff, play cricket, and Listening to Music is love. I’m always down for hearing about new projects, so feel free to drop me a line.

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Me at the Torii on Miyajima, Japan