Designing for the batter Web.

The first step leading to a beautiful and functional website is its design. On the basis of the brief prepared by the client create in Adobe Experience Design website layout.

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  • User Research
  • UX Design
  • Interface Design
The Slice web appication showing a selected user annotation.

User Research

Survey the client to uncover the business goals and history of the brand. Communicate with the client about the needs of the user. Liaise with the engineers to understand the technical resources available.

Draft a scope to determine milestones that align with the goals and fit within the budget, deadline and technical resources.

The layers sidebar design, now with user profiles.
Multiple user annotations on a shared layer.

User Interface

Explore visual design patterns. Research framework and/or guidelines if necessary. Experiment with different styles, colours and typography most suited to the needs. Transform the wireframes into high fidelity mockups. Generate a consistent UI kit for reusable components. Generate guidelines to help engineers understand visual properties such as size, style, positioning and motion.

The new My Slides tab in slice, showing annotated and favorited slides.
An annotation preview popover with statistics for shape perimeter and area.

User Experience

Break down the epic into smaller, actionable goals. Research established UX patterns for achieving a similar goal. Uncover edge cases by building personality and intent around each type of user. Create user flows to determine how to complete each goal in the least amount of steps. Break down the user flows into a system of interconnected components. Develops wireframes based on the components. Determine various states for each wireframe e.g. empty filled, logged in, error etc.